February 2021 Consignment Newsletter

Dear Consignors,

We’re a month into the new year, and we’ve certainly started off strong! Thank you all for your quality consignments and your cooperation with our rules and regulations. Intake has been running more smoothly than ever, which has helped us price your items more quickly and get them on the floor sooner, which is great for everyone! Your efforts are much appreciated -- let’s keep up the good work!

Please be aware that one of our most important rules of consignment is that the consignor must be present to drop off items or pick up a check. If you are unable and absolutely MUST authorize someone else to perform these tasks for you, please bring us a notarized letter stating so, including the full name and contact information of the person designated. We’ll keep this letter on file to refer to moving forward. This rule protects you from someone fraudulently using your name or taking your check without your permission,

As you may be aware, businesses have been reduced back down to 50% capacity due to COVID-19 surges. At The Guild Shop, we never increased capacity above this percentage, so while we remain vigilant with all procedures, it’s still business as usual over here! Help us out by social distancing, whether in line to consign, shopping in close quarters or checking out at the register. Also, please wear a mask covering your nose-- bandanas and face shields without a mask underneath do not count-- and stay home if you don’t feel well.

Vote for The Guild Shop in Living Magazine’s “Best Of 2021” Reader’s Choice Awards! This year, we are up for “Best Consignment Store- Clothing”, “Best Consignment Store- Furniture” and “Best Jewelry Store”. You may vote once per category, so if you agree- vote TGS for all three! Polling opened January 1st and continues through March 15th at livingmagazine.net/bestof2021. 

We thank you all again for your continued support and patronage. Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021! 

Household Consignments:

All household consignments are received in the SOUTH PARKING LOT.

 Items must be boxed with your signed contract taped outside and all items need to be labeled with your account number prior to drop off.

- We will accept 8 cleaned and sanitized items per consignment .

- All items must have a sticker with the consignor's account number attached.

- All items must be in a box with the consignor's account number written on the outside of the box. If your items require multiple boxes, Please list items in each box on a separate contract. You may label ‘1 of 2’ etc.

- We do not accept knick-knacks, dolls, linens or pillows EVER.

- NO TAKE THIS MONTH: lamps, mirrors, holiday items or glassware of ANY KIND.

Clothing Consignments:

All clothing consignments are received in the SOUTH PARKING LOT.

Each item must have a sticker with the consignor's account number placed on the inside collar or pant by the brand label. Please label shoes on the bottom, not on the inside.

- We are accepting transitional spring clothing. 

- All clothes must be clean, on hangers and in a plastic bag.

- The Consignment Contract must be signed, dated and taped to the exterior of the plastic bag prior to drop off,

 -A pair of shoes, purse, belt or hat (only one per item) must be labeled and have a contract for each. These items will count as a part of your 5 clothing items for consignment.

- Purses must be in good, clean condition inside and out. 

- NO TAKE: winter clothing/coats, boots or mens’ clothing. No summer clothing or rodeo attire until March.

Designer Clothing Consignments:

All high end designer clothing consignments are by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

- All items must be clean and in good condition.

- Please contact our Designer Chairman at 713-528-5095 to schedule an appointment.

Jewelry Consignments:

All jewelry consignments are received in the SOUTH PARKING LOT.

- Jewelry items accepted Wednesday, February 10th. 

- Must be in a gallon-size clear plastic zipper bag.

- Maximum of 10 items.

- Contract must be completed before drop off and placed inside the bag.

- WANTED: vintage, costume and fine jewelry: gemstones, gold and sterling silver.

Art Consignments:

All art consignments are received in the SOUTH PARKING LOT.

- Art will be accepted Wednesday, February 10th. 

- All art UNDER 36” on all sides may be consigned ONE AT A TIME. 

-All art must have a wire on the back for hanging your consignment.

- If a piece of art exceeds 36”on ANY side you MUST EMAIL a photo, brief description including artist, medium (oil, water color, print, etc.) and size, including the frame to art@theguildshop.org.  You will receive a return email determining whether the art is acceptable for consignment and if so,suggesting a date to bring it in.

Furniture Consignments:

All furniture consignments will be accepted by appointment  ONLY AT THE LOADING DOCK 

- You must email a photo of your furniture to furniture@theguildshop.org. Include your name and phone number and you will be contacted within 2 business days.

- We are seeking patio furniture and statuary.

Thank you for your consignments and donations. The Guild Shop proceeds go to ministries that impact the lives of the elderly in need.

Currently, we are supporting the following: Amazing Place *Camp Allen * Care Partners * Holly Hall * Turning Point * Vita Living * Weekley YMCA*

Everyday Giving:

Here are three ways to support The Guild Shop in helping the elderly in need:

  1. Link The Guild Shop to your Kroger Card with our organization # LN812
  2. Link the Guild Shop to your Randall's card with our Good Neighbor Number with our organization #13716.
  3. Visit our Amazon Smile page

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