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The Guild Shop





Our mission is to enrich the community as a Christian ministry and resale shop, dedicated to awarding financial support to organizations that serve the elderly.


          The Guild Shop of St. John the Divine was founded in September 1962 by a group of dedicated Episcopal women in the weekly sewing group who wanted to use their talents to serve the Lord, their church and the community. Their enthusiastic nature and can-do spirit were catching and after they put out a call to the entire church their plans began to come to fruition with an actual store on Fairview. “There was never ever a thought of failure” Alice Wheless, a founding member was fond of saying. They were caught up in the success from the beginning. The Shop is still as warm and welcoming 57 years later as it was at the beginning. Over 170 wonderful volunteers and 10 employees fulfill the mission which was set out at the beginning. That mission is “To enrich the community as a Christian ministry and resale shop dedicated to awarding financial support to organizations that serve the elderly in need.” In the early days, the number one benefactor is St. James House. 

          Since 1982, the retirement home has received over $5 million to help the Financial Assistance Fund. More recently, the opportunity has arisen to enrich more groups that do wonderful work with the elderly. The Gathering, Amazing Place, Holly Hall, The Turning Point, Vita Living and senior programs at St. John the Divine and the David Weekley YMCA have all benefited from the good works of The Guild Shop. Named as Executive Director in 2017, Debbie Willingham is only the fifth person to lead the Shop. The future looks bright with new volunteers joining us monthly and new consignors, donors, and customers that we value so much. The Guild Shop is even more relevant today. As the aging population increases, the Shop will continue to serve our community by directly contributing to organizations that enrich the lives of the elderly in need. There are opportunities for each and everyone to help. Please consider donating, consigning and/or volunteering at this special Guild Shop, a ministry of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church.

The Guild Shop
The Guild Shop


Bring your donations to The Guild Shop’s loading dock on Welch Street and ring the doorbell. Donations are accepted during regular business hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Need help? If you are unable to bring your donation to the Shop, let us know by emailing [email protected] or call us at 713-528-5095.  We can arrange to pick it up at your home. Because of our very limited space, we ask that you provide photos of any furniture donations prior to pick-up by emailing [email protected] All accepted donations are tax-deductible and we are happy to provide a tax receipt. ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO ACCEPTANCE BASED ON THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE GUILD SHOP.



  1. Extra items included in consignments will be donated to allow space for other consignors and donated items.
  2. All Household, clothing and jewelry consignments will be received at THE SOUTH PARKING LOT DOOR. There will be a tent, tables and rolling racks for use. Consignors will park in the South Parking Lot and bring their boxes and/or clothing bags to the consignment area. Staff will be present to assist with this procedure.
  3. Please bring boxes sealed with the contract taped to the outside. If bringing multiple boxes, include your consignment number on each box. Clothing must be cleaned, on hangers and in a plastic bag. All items must be labeled with your consignment number.
  4. If you do not have your consignments ready to drop off upon arrival, we will ask you to return to your car to prepare them and return to the end of the line when completed.


  1. Accepted Wednesdays at 9:30 am– 11:30 pm and Saturdays 10:00 am – 11:30am. See Calendar for specific dates.
  2. 5 clothing items per consignment
  3. You may bring one pair of shoes, 1 purse, 1 belt, and/or 1 hat per consignment as part of your five.
  4. Clothing must be in style, in season, clean and pressed.


  1. Accepted Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:30 and Saturdays 10:00 – 11:30 am.
  2. 8 items per consignment.
  3. Household items include china, pottery, kitchen items, metal goods, glassware, silver, decorative items, collectibles, home decor, and garden items.


  1. Jewelry take-in dates for each month will be posted on the Calendar.
  2. A maximum of 10 items will be accepted at that time.
  3. We sell costume and fine jewelry including gemstones, gold, and sterling.


  1. 1 piece of art is accepted on our monthly art take-in days. Check Calendar for specific days.
  2. Although art is generally accepted one piece at a time, we will take two at a time if they are a matched pair with matching frames.
  3. Multiple pieces of art can be accepted as an estate and collected by appointment only. Email: [email protected]
  4. Art must be wired for hanging.
  5. Size limit 36” x 36”.
  6. Oversized items are accepted by appointment only on a space-available basis. Email [email protected] with photos and dimensions before bringing in items.


  1. You must e-mail us a photo of your furniture and/or rug. Email: [email protected] before you can bring in the items.
  2. Include your name and phone number and you will be contacted within 72 hours to set up an appointment.


  1. Please call for an appointment.
The Guild Shop


The Guild Shop is blessed with over 170 committed volunteers who enrich our community by ministering to our customers and each other.

Men and women from different backgrounds, religious affiliations, ages (high schoolers to elders), and knowledge of collectibles, have discovered the joy of serving others while learning about objects that run the gamut from kitschy to antique!

Volunteers have a broad range of interests and talents which are put to use as salespeople, pricers and researchers, cashiers, merchandisers and more.

Volunteers are asked to serve one three-hour shift each week. Training is provided on the job.


To Volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Application Form email it to our Director of Volunteer Services. For Questions or to schedule an interview, contact Donna, Director of Volunteer Service at 713-528-5095.

The Guild Shop

Need Help? Come Say Hello!

The Guild Shop has two parking lots: one on the south side of the Shop on
Dunlavy Street and one on the north side of the Shop, across the street
on Welch.

Our Location

2009 Dunlavy Street, Houston, Texas 77006


(713) 528-5095

Working Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:30 – 3:30
Saturday: 10:00 – 2:00 Sunday: Closed
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