General Rules for Clothing Consignment

  1. See Calendar for specific dates.
  2. 5 clothing items are accepted per consignment
  3. As part of your 5 you may bring one purse, one belt, one hat and one pair of shoes. 
  4.  All items must be labeled with your consignment number. Masking tape works great.
  5. Clothing must be in style, in season, clean and pressed. Bring clothing on hangers to prevent wrinkles. Soiled, wrinkled, worn, or out of season clothes may be donated.
  6. Shoes, purses, hats, and belts must each have their own contracts separate from clothing. Bring these accessories in individual bags with the specific contract placed in the bag with the item.
  7. Shoes - place all stickers on bottom of the shoes and use US sizes
  8. Designer Clothes, Shoes, Accessories - Please Contact Vera at 713-528-5095 to make appointment
The Guild Shop of St. John the Divine
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