1. Soiled, broken, and extra items included in consignments will be donated to allow space for other consignors and donated items.
  2. All Household, Art, Clothing and Jewelry Consignments will be received at THE SOUTH PARKING LOT DOOR (near Indiana St.) There will be a tent, tables and rolling racks near the door for use during consignment hours. Consignors will park their cars in the South Parking Lot and bring their boxes and/or clothing to the consignment area. Staff will be available to assist with this procedure.
  3. If you do not have your consignments ready to drop off upon arrival, we will ask that you return to your car to complete them and let those that are prepared to go ahead of you.


      1. See Calendar for specific dates.
      2. 5 clothing items are accepted per consignment
      3. As part of your 5 you may bring one purse, one belt, one hat and one pair of shoes. 
      4.  All items must be labeled with your consignment number. Masking tape works great.
      5. Clothing must be in style, in season, clean and pressed. Bring clothing on hangers to prevent wrinkles. Soiled, wrinkled, worn, or out of season clothes may be donated.
      6. Shoes, purses, hats, and belts must each have their own contracts separate from clothing. Bring these accessories in individual bags with the specific contract placed in the bag with the item.
      7. Shoes - place all stickers on bottom of the shoes and use US sizes


      1. See Calendar for specific dates.
      2. 8 items per consignment.
      3. Household items include: china, pottery, kitchen items, metal goods, glassware, silver, decorative items, collectibles, home decor, and garden items. When overstocked, we may restrict some of these items. Always check the calendar for updates on restricted items.
      4. Please place your items in the provided tubs along with the contract. If using multiple tubs, place a copy of your contract in each tub
      5. When bringing an oversized item that does not fit in the consignment box, please make a separate contract for that item.
      6. One lamp, or matching pair, one chandelier or one wired mirror per consignment.


    1. Jewelry take-in dates for each month will be posted on the Calendar .
    2. A maximum of 10 items will be accepted.
    3. We sell costume and fine jewelry including gemstones, gold, and Sterling silver.


    1. 1 piece of art is accepted on our monthly art take-in days. Check Calendar for specific days.
    2. Although art is generally accepted one piece at a time, we will take two at a time if they are a matched pair with matching frames.
    3. Multiple pieces of art can be accepted as an estate and collected by appointment only. Please submit your photos on our art consignment page.
    4. Art must be wired for hanging.
    5. Size limit 36” x 36”.
    6. Oversized items are accepted by appointment only on a space-available basis. Please fill out our art submission form with photos and dimensions before bringing in items.  
    7. A note on art pricing-- Although we are not expert appraisers, we do our best to give your piece of art the best possible price. We research on sites such as AskArt and LiveAuctioneers, and eBay. We also consider if the piece is a print or an original, and we look at content and trends for what we see selling in the shop. Thank you for entrusting us with your art and we will continue to do our best to get you the best possible price.


    1. You must fill out our furniture submission form with photos of your furniture and/or rug. We must receive this form before you can bring in the items.
    2. Include your name and phone number and you will be contacted via the phone number on your submitted form to set up an appointment.


    1. Please call for an appointment.
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