The Artsy Home with Treasures Found at The Guild Shop

Resale, Consignment and Thrifting create a Bazaar of treasures and vignettes of fashion and decor that have a history, fun to explore.   See what The Guild Shop has in store for you to create your special space and find those statement pieces.

Each week, this blog will display different vignettes, mood boards and interviews to give you inspiration and curiosity to know more and what we have at The Guild Shop. Some of these pieces in the photos are from my own collection, bought at the Guild Shop, and some are still available at the shop this week—but maybe not next—so pop in and see us!

 The Artsy Home

I love this photo as it is truly some bazaar treasures found over the last few months and each within a week when I was inspired by different artists and longing to be able to travel again.  

I made the Christmas tree from a bag of shells someone brought to the Guild Shop.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with three plastic bags filled with beautiful shells, but I knew that I could do something spectacular.  After a trip to a craft supply store, I was ready to experiment with some ideas.  I made several different shapes including a wreath and trees and gave them away as gifts.  I wonder what the person who brought these to the Guild Shop did with these shells.  Were they collected on the beach?  Or from a holiday a trip of a lifetime?  I am still longing for the beach, but know that I have a forest of stories with these trees.

The Pierre Deux Williams-Sonoma plates and bowls were a perfect find at the Guild Shop as last week I managed to break four dishes as I transferred them from the dishwasher to the cabinet before they cooled.   I was in search of some new dinner plates and I wanted a pop of color.  The bowls are a bonus and I can imagine some raspberry sorbet and a sprig of mint to cool us down in the summer months. 

Pierre Deux has made a big comeback in fashion and home décor.  In the ‘80s, these French country print fabrics were the hippest #cottagecore one could get.  It was the trend!  I remember my Mom had a Pierre Deux cloth purse and beautiful tablecloths.  Do you remember your Pierre Deux Bermuda bag?  It was preppy chic and added a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit.  Last season, Tory Burch had Pierre Deux patterns on her handbags as well and Williams-Sonoma has reintroduced more and more of this collaboration.  I’m starting to feel old when this is considered “retro!”

Santa Fe, African rhythms and Frida

Silver always catches my eye as I love the how it can be formed into so many shapes and it is still affordable.  These two items caught my eye in the store as we had just returned from New Mexico and on our drive we stopped at the Albuquerque Museum of Art to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit.  When I saw this heart-shaped necklace, it was a must-have to add to my admiration for Frida’s fashion sense.  And the earrings, found on another day, reminded me of both a New Mexico look, but also a bit of Africa.  I imagine sitting in a Santa Fe restaurant, looking over the plaza, listening to African rhythms, while eating amazing stacked enchiladas with Hatch chiles. 

May you find your treasure,


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