Crystal Healing for the Resale Shopaholic

Resale, Consignment and Thrifting create a Bazaar of treasures and vignettes of fashion and decor that have a history, fun to explore. See what The Guild Shop has in store for you to create your special space and find those statement pieces.

Each week, this blog will display different vignettes, mood boards and interviews to give you inspiration and curiosity to know more and what we have at The Guild Shop. Some of these pieces in the photos are from my own collection, bought at the Guild Shop, and some are still available at the shop this week—but maybe not next—so pop in and see us!

The Glowing Crystal Lights 

In ancient Greek the word for crystal is “krustallos” and “kruos” mean “ice” and “icy cold frost.”  Can you see the ice and the icicle in these beautiful candlesticks and four different crystal-like necklaces?  They glint, glitter and gleam on your table and around your neck. 

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the 18th Century was the great age of candlelight, creating a need for candlesticks, chandeliers, candelabras and wall sconces.  Today, we have continued this age of light in our home with decorative pieces that add that sparkle to our dinner parties, our traditional family holidays and sometimes we add them just because we want the meal to feel special.  Growing up, we lit candles on special occasions and then my mom stated lighting them for all our meals because it made that time feel just a bit more festive.   I have not lit candles on our family table on a non-holiday, but I think I will start this tradition of adding it on Taco Tuesday, just because it makes it feel a bit more “fancy!”

Bohemian and Queen looks for more

Speaking of fancy … Anna Wintour, fashion Icon and trendsetting goddess, likes to layer her necklaces.  Why wear just one, when you can layer at least these four and get this look?  Do you know the difference between glass beads and crystal?  It is in the chemical composition and the classification of percentage of lead in a piece.  Famous for its crystal, also called Bohemian glass, areas in the Czech Republic are known for making brilliant pieces.  The beads can be strung on silk, cord or even silver wire.  At one time, these beautiful beads served as valuable currency throughout the trade routes of the world. Today, we are lucky to find them used in all sorts of decorative jewelry, but it is interesting to know the origins. 

May you find your treasure,


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