Mix and Match All the Pieces You Treasure


Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”  —Billy Baldwin

Often as I walk around the Guild Shop, I find myself drawn to many of the Asian-inspired pieces.  I didn’t grow up with Asian décor in my childhood home; instead, my mother, who worked as an interior decorator, was known for her European flair, bringing history of Austrian textiles and French antiques together in our home that was traditional mountain chalet.  But as I traveled worldwide, my own decorating style became much more eclectic—mixing and matching different centuries, styles and color patterns.  I connect with the quotation above knowing that my favorite pieces from wherever they come from will never go out of style. 

The highlight in the photo above, which I took just recently (so pop in soon to see if these pieces are still around), is this chest of drawers, trimmed with faux bamboo.  The colors, though painted, represent the lacquer used in Asian décor.   Lacquers were used in Asia more than 1,260 years ago.  The Han Dynasty of China (206 BC – 220 AD) truly established the trade and was then introduced further into South Asia.  Typically, lacquer was black and used to harden and shine objects, but red also was a predominant color used with additional elements.  Lacquer itself come from trees (similar to sap) and is mixed with various oils to give it shine.  I took a class in lacquer and made several art pieces, but the process for smallish pieces took six months of work by applying the lacquer, allowing it to dry and then sanding it to achieve the proper layers and look.  It was very labor-intense and gave me a new perspective on this art as well as a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

I’m pretty sure than on any given day in our amazing furniture department, we can find an Asian-inspired piece as well as mid-century, French, Art Deco and just about any other style or geographic influence.  Come see our furniture department and perhaps be inspired to rework your living room or bedroom around a new and amazing piece of furniture.

Did you know that Pekingese dogs were owned by the emperors of China and still remain one of the purest breeds?  The fable is that a lion-dog was created from a lion that fell in love with a marmoset.  The lion then asked Ah Chu, the protector of animals, to shrink him down so that he could marry his love.  The lion’s big heart stayed within the small body and the Pekingese dogs are known to be among the most lovable creatures.   The Fu Lin have a deep history in China, and we often get amazing pairs of these pieces in so many styles, colors and history.   And notice the amazing cloisonné necklace.  Something to go with everything both as fashion and décor!

The yellow teacup has so much history.  The Chinese emperor’s color of royalty was yellow and only he was allowed to wear this majestic color.  His dishes also were in the yellow hues.  And tea … where to start with tea from China?  Too much to research, but fun to know that 4,000 years of tea could spill into your knowledge now that you might be curious.

May you find your treasure,


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