Secrets of Finding Valuable Treasures

Secrets of picking valuable art at thrift stores

Secrets of finding valuable treasures 

Resale, Consignment and Thrifting create a Bazaar of treasures and vignettes of fashion and decor that have a history, fun to explore.   See what The Guild Shop has in store for you to create your special space and find those statement pieces.

Each week, this blog will display different vignettes, mood boards and interviews to give you inspiration and curiosity to know more and what we have at The Guild Shop. Some of these pieces in the photos are from my own collection, bought at the Guild Shop, and some are still available at the shop this week—but maybe not next—so pop in and see us!

I have loved to shop in consignments shops, vintage stores and flea markets around the world since I was a teenager.  I am all about fashion with a passion, with dreams of decorating, loving the challenge of repurposing something and bringing a collection together from different places. I have traveled to more than 60 countries for work and fun.  I see the world in little vignettes that pull together items and group them to create a story.  My own house is a series of stories of adventures I have been on in my journey with my family.  My wardrobe is similar, layering different textures, colors and sizes together to create a look, a style and a story.  

Volunteering at the Guild Shop has been a blast to see what people consign and donate.  I love the mission of the Guild Shop and the organizations that it helps!  I also see the passion of the other volunteers and the core team who work there and the organization as a whole truly is committed to making a difference in our community.

I have found some amazing treasures and for the next several months, I would like to share some of these finds.  It may give you a keen eye when you’re at the Guild Shop to think about the pieces you buy, their history and how you can incorporate them into your look.  

An eye for Asian inspiration

My family moved back to Houston from Asia a few years ago. Both of our kids were born there and we had the opportunity to travel throughout the region. During this time, I learned a different history, unlike anything I had been exposed to before.  I developed an eye for Asian art and when I saw these pieces in the Guild Shop, I pulled them together as they create the story of the lotus

The Lotus

The lotus in many Asian regions signifies purity and enlightenment.  In both Buddhism and Hinduism, the gods are placed within the bud of this flower.  The lotus, despite growing in muddy waters with thick roots, breaks the surface of the water with a delicate and bright bloom.

The vases, the silver earrings, the silver brooch and the retro pin all depict lotus flowers.  They arrived from different people and places, but each told a story.  Where would you place the vases in your house?  Which outfit would you pair with the jewelry?  Taking the spirit of the lotus as part of Asia, the tropics and the beauty of flora can create your story. 

May you find your treasure,


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