Resale & Consignment to Create Eclectic Looks

At the Guild Shop, we received various pieces of art weekly from Estates, donation and consigners who just want to change thing up in their homes or offices.  We really have a wonderful selection that can please every eye and create a classic or eclectic look.  We sometimes receive antique books that have prints from paintings from long ago or a contemporary piece of an artist looking to sell a few pieces.

E’klektik, adjective: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.  Eklegein,  Greek for “pick out”.  I love that at The Guild Shop, shoppers have a choice to create their own eclectic spaces by mixing and matching treasures that they love. Come pick-out some pieces from The Guild Shop and create your space.

Have you created your own space already with finds from The Guild Shop?  Please send a photo and let us know your favorite pieces and how you decorated, so we can highlight in another blog!  Send to

Today’s trends are creating either very contemporary “clean” looks with very little décor or using pieces to create mix-and-match.  Whether this style is called eclectic, Boho, mingled, mixed, diversified or assorted, I like that we can find things that are interesting and mix them together.  My decorating style is "if you love it, all your treasured pieces will mix together and create your masterpiece." 

Often it is in homes of people who have traveled the world or have a love of exploration (and maybe haven’t left their hometown, but love the idea creating a story) that I find collections arranged in ways that look wonderful and tell of an adventure.  I think that book shelves also do this!  Do you have a corner in your home that tells a story?  What book are you reading that gives you a sense of adventure?

Recently, I traveled to Louisville, KY for a fun reunion and we visited museum, bars, restaurants and historic sights all that gave different “vibes” of eclectic.  There is a relatively new chain of hotel, focused on highlighting art and artists.  They curate their hotels based on local artists and those that have a story that can fit their “vibe”.  Though I haven’t yet visited Houston’s La Colombe d’Or hotel, I imagine that it too have an eclectic mix.  I look forward to visiting soon! 

The photos in this story are from a historic hotel restaurant called 21c Museum Hotel.  Filled with ideas to create your own funky space.

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