Peace Be With You!


And may peace and resolution be found for people of Ukraine as well as all those troubled places around the world that are experiencing turmoil, war and unrest.  We at the Guild Shop come from various backgrounds, heritage and experiences and are united for peace and prayer.

As I come back to blogging about the Guild Shop, I drew my inspiration from this bird that I found tucked in the back room of the shop with the figurines, near the dishes.  The photo I was able to capture gave me goosebumps, as I truly believe that it was placed in the Guild Shop with a purpose to be treasured and provoke thoughts and prayers.  And in the end, it is no longer on our shelvesI was so drawn to it for my own collection as a discussion piece for my children about war, symbolism, beauty and history.  

This magnificent bird is made by a Spanish manufacturer named Sargadelos, based in in Spanish province of Galicia.  The original Marquis of Sargadelos created a factory to manufacture porcelain in the early 19th Century. And at one time these workshops also created weapons and ammunitions for the Spanish Army.  Yet from this space where weapons of war were created, so also was the beauty of peace and international trade reinvigorated.

The dove, of the pigeon family, is referenced in many religions and stories in history.  From Greek stories of Aphrodite and love; to the Bible stories of Noah and the Arkand the return of the olive twig; to the plains of Central Asia where kings would send doves as a sign of peacethe dove is a symbol of hope and peace. Often the pieces from the Sargadelos collection are blue and white, but this one capturesthe moment with blue and yellow glowing!  

Pieces that represent different emotions, memories and bits of history come into the Guild Shop every week.  It is truly a treasure hunt to discover, wonder and learn. I hope the next buyer with cherish them as well.  Donations as well as consignments are welcome, and our team will help with the research to discover a little bit more about your piece before it goes on the floor.  We value your input as well if the piece has a special history. We hope that you will rediscover the Guild Shop if you haven’t been in for a while or that you return with newfound excitement to find treasures that will evoke these same emotions and curiosity to want to learn more.

May you find your treasure,


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