Consign a Museum Piece or At Least Make It Look Like One!

One of the wealthiest women in the world, Aerin Lauder said that "Luxury is anything that feels doesn't necessarily have to mean expensive."  So isn't this reason enough to come on a hunt at The Guild Shop, find a treasure and frame it in a luxurious frame.  The Museum look is achievable!  

This week in fact, I am taking generational photos of our own from frames that we have no where to hang, but still want to keep the photos.  These pieces were framed perhaps 20 to 30 years ago when quality of so many things was just different that that of today.  Wood meant wood, not pressed pieces. 

Today we have so many choices in frames with designs, but the classics still are beautiful and can give your art that old world elegance.  Framing is an art with an expensive price tag.  Many of our frames at The Guild Shop are vintage and come from Estates in which they may have held family treasures.  Find one here and make it work for your art treasure -- I bet the price will be right!

I feel like I hit the jackpot, finding a frame for this beautiful silhouette that did of my daughter. The skills, the speed and the ability to see details (including eyelashes!) that Suzanne did from paper is truly amazing.  I'm hoping to trim the gold matting on this "found" frame a bit, but other than that it is a perfect fit.  A little alteration and voila!  

Silhouettes trace back to 18th c. France where Monsieur Etienne de Silhouette began doing these portraits.  They became vogue in the early 1800s in America as they were able to capture the profiles of women, children and important men alike.  Seeing the movement of my ballerina, created by Suzanne lets us remember her dance, The Prayer from the famous Coppelia.  This ballet was created in the early 1800s and is considered a comedic, classic ballet about a young lady.  Looking at this art piece, lets our family remember the excitement of watching our daughter dance and its glows in the frame.

I know that his week alone, over 20 pieces of art and a few empty frames came to The Guild Shop.  I also remember several week ago a young woman bought a painting, not for the artwork but the frame.  Come frame up your works and find a gilded treasure in our Art Department.

May you find your treasure,



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