Headed the Right Way to The Guild Shop to Find Your Treasure

Head off to The Guild Shop 

Busted!  Or at least Headed the Right Way!  Most of these heads are supported on a plinth (another new word for my vocabulary), which is the piece underneath the neck and/or shoulders that creates the bust.  It seems as if most cultures have busted into the business of creating heads to represent different sculpture, art, statement pieces and even piggy banks.    Which one is your favorite?  We have many busts, heads, figurines & dolls at the Guild Shop—come see!

When I look at a bust, it is often the eyes that grip me.  I want to know more and maybe even purchase the piece.  As I look around my own home, I found one head that I purchased in Egypt and only now am I understanding its history.  It only took me 26 years to figure out that the piece I have, depicts a royal woman from the Amarna period.  Amarna was the daughter of Nefertiti.   When I bought it, I remember the man in the market convinced me that I needed it for my collection.  I thought to myself, “How in the world am I going to carry this piece of rock in my travel backpack throughout the rest of Egypt?” 

Speaking of Egypt, I also learned from a guide at Giza that the word “deface” came about when the Great Sphinx of Egypt was vandalized in 1378.  When the English came many centuries later, they described the Great Sphinx as without a face.   Statues of Buddha sometimes also are defaced, which is why public access is now controlled in most Unesco sites.  I hope that these unique historical sites can preserve for many generations to come.  

Looking Ahead to Find Something Unique

Recently we received a grouping of seven mannequin heads.  We giggled and wondered how these beautiful women heads were displayed.  I thought the one on the right looked like the beautiful, but green-toned Janelle Monae Robinson.  And perhaps the one on the left could be a demure Zoey Deutch.  Both are framing the tri-legged dear-oh-deer lamp.  Oh, the treasures you will find at the Guild Shop!

May you find your treasure,


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