50 Shades of Red and Summer

What role does color play in your life?  Does it make you happy, sad or reflective?  Red is the color of power, but all the shades that have this primary color also evoke feelings across the board.

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Lifting our spirits with health and passion

What does your mood board say for this summer? We’ve been on lockdown for the last year and now we have a slow reawakening to discover what our new normal can become.  We have an opportunity to restart our mood, our color and our spirits.  Like many over the last year, house purging has happened both for household items, closets and garages.  For many of us, I believe our entrepreneurship and creative side are starting to brew again. 

The color red is symbolic of life, health, love and passion.  Do you have a renewed passion to live life to the fullest? To make the most of opportunity.  If you created a mood board what would your “red” object be?

According to Greek mythology, coral is what was created from blood after Medusa’s head was severed by Perseus.  For many, coral is used as a protection against magic or evil spells.  The history of coral goes back at least 25,000 years.  By the way, I’m reading these facts online and am not sure how many are true, but they make for a great story and show how prevalent coral has been in the history of jewelry and good juju. From Egypt to Tibet to Santa Fe, we see coral used in many places, but we also should be aware that it is a natural resource that is diminishing quickly. 

Careful with Coral

Coral in jewelry can be so many colors, ranging from white, pink, orange to the reddest of reds.  Cinnabar also casts a beautiful reddish glow.  However, real cinnabar contains mercury, which cannot be worn against the skin, so the Chinese invented a cinnabar of carved wood, covered in lacquer, that still allows the artist to create a wearable resin and in earrings, they weigh less than coral and thus are comfortable for the ears. 

Owls are wisdom of what is to come

The ears of the owl allow it to hear its prey very far away.  Perhaps given it is a good listener makes it very wise.  Owls make a great collector items as they are present in so many cultures and have positive meaning.  Perhaps this red owl can bring a healthy life full of wisdom.  What more could we hope for in our future, after the crazy year we have just had?

May you find your treasure,


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