Treasures of the Resale Trade -- Cowrie Shell Currency and Stylized Jewelry

Finding unique pieces of jewelry or home decor are what you will find at The Guild Shop.  The cliche that one person's consignment is another person's treasure is oh so true.  You just never know what you might start collecting or find an interest in when you visit our shop and find the treasures of resale, consignment and amazing donations that constantly come in.  Each week you will find something new.

Resale, Consignment and Thrifting create a Bazaar of treasures and vignettes of fashion and decor that have a history, fun to explore. See what The Guild Shop has in store for you to create your special space and find those statement pieces.

Each week, this blog will display different vignettes, mood boards and interviews to give you inspiration and curiosity to know more and what we have at The Guild Shop. Some of these pieces in the photos are from my own collection, bought at the Guild Shop, and some are still available at the shop this week—but maybe not next—so pop in and see us!

Where do those trade routes take us and what treasure will we find?

Did you know that at one point in history, the cowrie shell was worth more than gold and considered the most valuable currency?  Let’s trade shells!  Not only did it have monetary value, but also magical powers that kept the owner safe.  I’m ready to travel to the Indian Ocean, where most cowrie shells are found.  I want to have an adventure discovering old worlds and finding unique pieces of history, especially in fashion and accessories.

Shells have played such an important role in fashion and home décor for a very long time.  Each time I visit the Guild Shop, there are signs of the sea.  It could be a large piece of raw coral waiting for the perfect display, to dishes with a fish scene, paintings that would look perfect in a beach house or a shell necklace.

Weighing our options of gems, stones and jewelry

Other natural resources, in addition to the sparkles of gold and diamonds, are the more earthy tones of copper and brass, and stones like malachite and jasper.  The Guild Shop recently had a collection of very interesting newer pieces that were made using these materials in the style of ancient times.  The shapes of the base pieces, along with the details of the décor, inspired a story about travel to lands before we knew their current names.  I appreciate the balance of knowing the history of the originals and seeing how they are interpreted into modern fashion. 

Let us weigh options, put our finger on the spinning globe and see where we shall go in our adventures of finding, thrifting, treasure hunting, collecting and striking it rich with the perfect piece of times past.

May you find your treasure, 


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