Welcome to the outdoors at The Guild Shop -- Pineapple Welcome

Did you know that the Guild Shop has a selection of outdoor décor?  Is your cabana ready for summer?  Is your backyard ready to welcome your neighbors for a barbecue or a long-overdue visit with great friends?  A pop of color, a little something fun can give your outdoor space a whole new feel! 

Need an icebreaker?  Start by asking if they know that a pineapple is a complex Fibonacci mathematical sequence and listen to what they say.  Maybe your kids learned this while being home-schooled this year.  If they did, I’m very impressed, but maybe this is the introduction to buy that beautiful fruit and start the conversation!

Where did the pineapple get its name?  Originally from southern Brazil and coveted by the Tupinamba people.  The pineapple—ananas comosus—came through traders north and Christopher Columbus “discovered” it in Guadeloupe.  The European settlers thought it looked like a pinecone and had a texture like an apple, thus it became what we know today as a pineapple.  According to a Merriam-Webster article, in Latin most fruits had “apple” as part of their name.  For example, the peach was called a “Persian apple” and the pomegranate was called “the apple with many seeds.” So, apple was not really an apple as we know it today, but a base word in naming fruits.

The pineapple also symbolizes a peacemaker, welcome and luxury art.  Often, I see them in the entrances of homes and hotels in the southern United States.  Wooden, porcelain, papier-mâché, pottery and cement moldings sometimes can be found at the Guild Shop, especially in our outdoor section.

There also are a few pieces inside that can add a bit of spark to your outdoor space.  I love buying beautiful vases that might not go exactly with my indoor décor, yet I find them lovely and place them outside with a bouquet of flowers.  I also love the turquoise chair that really adds that pop of color.   I’ve been looking for an outdoor clock for a while now as sometimes I want to really disconnect and have some non-electronic time outside and still have an idea of what time it is.  I’m still in search of one as this clock sold quickly.  Creating an outdoor nook just for you can be your special space.  You don’t need much room to do this.  It’s also a great opportunity to buy that random chair you love, but neither have no match for nor anywhere else to put it. 

I love the idea of a front door space, where it can be just yours and you can watch the neighborhood roll by.  We are now in a season where we can again get to know our neighbors.  Mr. Rogers once said, “Imagine what our real neighborhoods would be like if each of us offered, as a matter of course, just one kind word to another person.”

May you find your treasure,


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