Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...Our Cabinet of Curios

Treasure across the threshold...

Here is a true treasure that has come across The Guild Shop threshold – Akan gold dust weights.  Yes, it is true “Anoma anntu a, obua da”, which translates to “If a bird does not fly, it goes to bed hungry”.  A proverb from the Akan people of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, which basically means “nothing ventured, nothing gain”.  Pop by and see if there is something at The Guild Shop that you just can't do without to start your cabinet of curios.

When these pieces came to us, there was a buzz of excitement as only a bit of research had been provided.  Our team was able to learn and print some documents that will provide the lucky buyer with a wonder to learn more or even start a new collection of something special.   When gold dust was the currency of West Africa these pieces were used to measure wealth.  Some historical pieces like these date back to the 14th century.  They were given to a man on his wedding day as it meant that he could provide for his family.  Perhaps this might be the perfect groom’s gift for that man who has everything to gain and much to still learn.

Cabinet of Curios

These pieces were the perfect anchor to start our Cabinet of Curios.  According to Google Art & Culture, a cabinet of curious is “a variety of objects and artefacts, with a particular leaning towards the rare, eclectic and esoteric”.  The Guild Shop, filled with treasures that could be staples or curios now has our very own cabinet of curios in the “boutique” section of the store in a locked glass case.  Don’t be shy to ask to see these pieces as they are to give an idea of what could be. 

Anoma anntu a, obua da! 

The other shelves currently include Atlas holding up the foundation of the world to come.  What would you place in this space?  Two horse brass pieces to decorate your horse of course.  More horns to toot and beads to wear.  Some signed pottery, if you dare.  Lastly, below we see a porcelain tortoise and a dove to go, some crimson colors that dare to glow.  Carvings galore of pieces that you will adore.  Come visit us today and you will scream “hooray” for treasures and curios and collections to be.  You will see it all at The Guild Shop.  But remember it changes day by day so come quick and see what can be.

May you find your treasure,



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