Home on the Range -- Decorating Ideas for the Ranch, the Cabin and the Man Cave


"Home on the Range" 

Can you hear Bing Cosby or Gene Autry singing “Home on the Range”?  Did you know the lyrics was originally penned by Dr. Brewster Higley of Smith County, Kansas in 1870 and Texan David Guion published the sheet music in 1925?

We are in Texas, right?  So of course, the Guild Shop has some great Texas and Western goodies!  Across the board in jewelry, fashion, specialty items, furniture and art, the Guild Shop has the West covered!  Not only are there Western, Native American and Mexican-themed items, but also artisan pieces that are collectors’ items and a beautiful selection of pieces that will add that western or ranch feel to your home.

Recently, the Guild Shop received a collection of buck horns that would be great for decorative pieces on a shelf or together they would make a table stand.  My family is lucky enough to have a herd of elk that hang out in our front yard each year.  These elk left their horns close to the house (within about half a mile), so my mom could collect them and make a table stand for my dad’s 60th birthday.  Perhaps you could start collecting now!

Silver from all over the world designed into Western Styles

The Southwest jewelry selection at the Guild Shop includes bolo ties and turquoise pieces signed by different artists from so many places.  So many treasures can be found, and an amazing photo shoot of Ralph Lauren meets rodeo legend Larry Mahan, meets fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail meets Santa Fe jewelry designer Federico Jimenez.

Rodeo Season is Upon Us...Are you more Bull than Bronco?

Are you a champion rodeo rider or just want to have a cool memento?  Did you know that cowboys didn’t even wear belts before the early 1900s?  The large belt buckle, which now is synonymous with champion rodeo riding was actually a bit of a Hollywood cowboy fashion influence.  Today these buckles are prize posessions of cowboys as they show their ranking and status in rodeo rankings, similar to a gold medal in the Olympics. They are passed down to the next generation and highly valued. 

Growing up in a western state, I learned some history of the Native American, but I do wish I had learned more.  On my summer reading list is Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. GwynneIt is information I wish I had learned earlier so that I could explore further what happened in places I have traveled.  I have seen only a glimpse of history.   My eyes are opening to a new group of people that I should have known more about as they are the foundation of our country.  I am looking forward to learning more. My admiration has been in their arts and storytelling, and by reading more I am learning their struggle and history.

In finding your treasure, also remember to learn a bit of history, to appreciate the story behind the piece.  Perhaps, like me, your eyes will be opened to a new opportunity to learn.

May you find your treasure, 


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