Are You Ready to Time Travel -- Trusted Partners in Estate Pieces

Beautiful watches often come to consignment shops as they are heirlooms that have value and may not always be worn.  Pieces like this are handed over to trusted partners who understand that it is a family piece and may have sentimental value.  Consigning valuable pieces take trust and at The Guild Shop our team creates trust by handling your valuables with care.  Time Travel with us and see some monetary valuables that are treasures as well as the sentimental pieces with a story.

Resale, Consignment and Thrifting create a Bazaar of treasures and vignettes of fashion and decor that have a history, fun to explore.   See what The Guild Shop has in store for you to create your special space and find those statement pieces.

Each week, this blog will display different vignettes, mood boards and interviews to give you inspiration and curiosity to know more and what we have at The Guild Shop. Some of these pieces in the photos are from my own collection, bought at the Guild Shop, and some are still available at the shop this week—but maybe not next—so pop in and see us!

Watch the Time...Time Travel

Did you know that the Warsaw Convention of 1929 was the first document to create rules for baggage checks or luggage tags?  And before that, ocean liners in the mid-19th Century would create “labels” to indicate the destination and class of cabin.  This mini replica suitcase with its travel stamps has us traveling to all beautiful destinations in Switzerland. 

Switzerland is “the” designation and stamp of origin of the best watches made.  I’m not sure where these particular watches that the Guild Shop received several weeks ago are made, but I thought it was fun to learn more about why in 1554 watchmaking arrived in Switzerland and from there the reputation began.  The original word was “time-piece” and over time different sailors and watchmen began calling these clocks watches as they would do their duty for the day according to who was to watch for the enemy.   

I prefer the word “timepiece” as it sounds more elegant.  And in this vignette, I love the bands of each of these watches.  They seem like Victorian era-meets modern day Brighton to create a watch that is feminine, but truly looks like a piece of jewelry on the wrist.  It’s practical and fashionable.  My favorite kind of fashion!

Art on Consignment 

Lastly, I would like to point out the background, which is actually a 5 foot by 3 foot abstract painting that came from an estate sale.  The Guild Shop has an amazing collection of art, many from estates.  You never know what you will find, so I encourage you to come often as inventory changes daily.  Adding a little (or big) art piece to your home can create a totally different feel by blending all your treasures you already have collected.

May you find your treasure, 


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